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Even as a child I loved dogs, but my parents did not want to have a dog in the house. I threatened them by saying that when I grew up, I'd have very many dogs. This is perhaps the only childhood resolve which I carried out. Though I have an MA degree in geography, dog-breeding is my true passion. For the last 20 years I have been a member of the Dog-Breeders' Association. The Sealyham terriers which I first bred in my kennel KONCEPT won several European and World championships.

I then bred Ponies, but 16 years ago I bought a house in a Warsaw suburb, Pruszkow, where, with great success, I breed all color Scotties. They are lovely to look at, and have a marvelous character. I invite you to visit my kennel web site -

Next to our Salon we have a small gallery in which we sell artistic handicraft. There you can acquire ceramic figurines, water colors, stained-glass objects as well as silver jewelry representing various breeds of dogs.