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A warm welcome to the Bakuniak Dog Beauty Salon

The Hanna Bakuniak Dog Beauty Salon provides professional and loving pet grooming services. My company has a passion for magnificent grooming. We bathe your pet, give haircuts and trim. And we speak English

My Company, Dog’s Beauty, was established in 1996. In 2002 we moved to our present location. Our spacious Salon, beautifully decorated in the Art Deco style, is located in Sitnika Street in Warsaw.

Our well-trained professional staff of two expertly trained dog hair stylists has a passion for pampering pets.

To start with, we first bathe your pet. We follow this with cutting, trimming, brushing and drying. To best meet your pet’s needs, we have a range of special shampoos, remoisturizers, add-on packages. The hair style conforms to the F.C.I. rules (breed specific show-cut) or meets our clients’ wishes.

Our full groom includes as well:

Nail clipping (for free)
Ear cleaning
Tooth brushing
Anal glands expressed

Our Salon has a special wading pool with steps, large enough to accommodate even the largest four legged pets. We bathe, we comb, and we set and dry the hair of a small Yorkie or of a huge St. Bernard. We are true professionals, and we are full of love for the pets under our care. We can transform a Cinderella into a Prince or  a Princess.

We urge you to take advantage of our comprehensive offer. For your pet’s bath, we select a shampoo best suited for its hair. We carry a full line of No. 1 ALL SYSTEMS. Our Salon carries a certificate of this enterprise and uses exclusively its products. These are made from natural components and do not cause allergies. You can buy these products in our Salon at the lowest prices in Poland.

Hanna Bakuniak