Strzyżenie psów

This gallery was established in 2003, as a result of my many years dream about  dog's artistic handicraft. We offer here hand made, according to the own projects , stained-glass decorations   with  almost all breeds of dogs, watercolours, silver brooches, ceramic figurines and key rings.

All products are made by world-class artistic craftsmen.
The goal of the gallery is to present excellent exterier dogs from lots of breeds. The top dogs from last  2 - 3  years were used as our models.  We are the experts in world cynology.

Our products reach all continents in the world.

Gallery's stand is present at the largest exhibitions in Europe.

We try to reach all nooks at this continent.

Gallery's seat is located in Warsaw, Sitnik str.
We also invite for our website to use e-mail-order.  
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